Apr 19, 2011

Districts for Expats in Prague

For expats moving with a family or individually, Prague is an ideal place to settle. The history, cultural and nightlife along with ample outdoor and natural escapes make this capital city a major draw. Prague is especially welcoming to newcomers thanks to its active expat community and established support system. In order to assist transferees with their move to Prague, At Home Real Estate presents an overview of the best districts for expats.

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As At Home Country Manager Ulrika Uhrová discussed in the Quick Tips on Prague Living blog post, the most popular districts for families with children are Prague 4, 5 and 6 while singles and families with no children choose Prague 1, 2 and 5. Read on to learn more about these districts and what makes them so desirable.
Prague house located in Prague 6
Prague 1
Major benefits: downtown atmosphere, proximity to businesses, embassies, universities, tourist attractions, social and nightlife activities
Rents: 570 EUR to 6 117 EUR/month (14 000 CZK – 150 000  CZK/month) + short term options
Schools: Festinka, US Embassy Prague Preschool
Shopping: Various retail shops for fashion, music, souvenirs around Wenceslas Square and in Lucerna Palace
You Might Also Like: Stvanice Island Sports Complex, National Theater, Collegium Marianum
Vltava River in Prague © Stewart Morris, flickr
Prague 1 is the central and historic district of Prague. As a popular tourist destination, it's full of restaurants, cafes, pubs, stunning gothic architecture and monuments along with museums and other cultural centers. The urban setting and convenience to businesses and shopping make it ideal for individuals and families without children. Prague 1 is divided into sub districts: Staré Město (old town), Nové Město (New Town), Malá Strana and Josefov, to name a few.
Old Town Square ©Charles Brooks, flickr

Prague 1-Malá Strana is home to many embassies including those of the United States and the United Kingdom. Prague 1 - Staré Město (Old Town) is the main historical and tourism center; one can find tourists wandering the cobblestoned streets and visiting the many souvenir shops. Close to Staré Město, Nové Město (new town) is modern yet still contains charming buildings and homes. 

Prague 1 is an excellent choice of residence for those staying in Prague for the short term. At Home Prague offers a variety of refurbished short term options in lovely, old buildings with fantastic views and access to all of the charms of Prague's city center. Long term At Home Prague rental properties in this district start at 570 EUR/month (for a one bedroom apartment) and can top 6 000 EUR/month.
Prague 2
Major benefits: proximity to city center, access to public transportation, parks
Rents: 400 EUR to 5 000 EUR/month (10 000 CZK to 122 000 CZK/month) 
Schools: Happy Child Vegetarian Nursery School, International Preschool of Prague-The Little Mole
Shopping: Farmer’s Market along the River
You Might Also Like: Riegrovy Sady Park, Muzeum hlavního města Prahy (The Prague Museum), plus a variety of additional theatres, museums, clubs and libraries in the link below
Balloons over Vinohrady ©Martin Hapl, flickr

Prague 2, and in particular Vinohrady, is one of the most desirable districts for expats in Prague thanks to its city-center access, tranquility and safety. The district offers nightlife options along with parks, coffee shops, local restaurants and convenience stores.
Church of St. Ludmila © Pabl Levy, flickr
One can find spacious apartments with high, vaulted ceilings, a popular feature in Czech homes, and plenty of Art Nouveau architecture. Property rental fees of At Home Prague homes in Prague 2 range from 400 EUR to 5 000 EUR/month.
Prague 4
Major benefits: close to major offices, schools and families
Rents: 530 EUR to 4 000 EUR/month (13 000 CZK to 100 000 CZK)
Schools: English Garden School, English International School, International Montessori School of Prague, International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague, Skřivánek Smarties, Cubbyland Preschool, Vrbicky – International Montessori Nursery School, International Montessori School of Prague, The Prague British School, Kinderwelt Maja Preschool, Montessori House Preschool in Prague
Shopping: Arkády Pankrác
You Might Also Like: Kulturní Centrum Zahrada, The National Marionette Theatre
A House in residential Prague 4

Prague 4 is popular with expat families who have children or work at the many international offices and newly constructed business centers in the district. British schools like English Garden School and the English International School are located in the southern part of the district, and Subway Line C runs through the district and into the city center.

Prague 4 consists of many modern apartments and detached houses. Rents in Prague 4 range from 530 EUR to 4000 EUR. 
Prague 5
Major benefits: proximity to city center and green areas
Rents: 500 EUR to 4 500 EUR/month (12 000 CZK to 110 000 CZK)
Schools: German School Prague, Lycée Français De Prague, Magic Rainbow Preschool, Blue Sky (Modre Nebe) Prague Preschool, La Ribambelle, Little Bear English Preschool
Shopping: Nový Smíchov
You Might Also Like: Prokopské údolí hills, The National House Smíchov, Zahrada Kinských Gardens, Staropramen Brewery of Smíchov

Tram in Anděl ©Jakub Vyslouži, flickr
Prague 5 continues to grow in popularity and is a common choice for both families and singles moving to Prague. Popular areas include Anděl, meaning ‘Angel’ in Czech, which is a major transportation hub on the West side of the river. At Home Prague real estate agent Tereza Veberova describes it as a “lovely, living location"; it is situated in “the greenery of the famous Petřín Hill, close to the riverbank, and about 20 minutes’ walk from the Castle". One can also find Nový Smíchov, a well known shopping mall nearby.
Anděl concert ©Jonathan Fuchs, flickr 

The district is home to many international schools and preschools including the French Lycée, La Ribambelle (French language), Magic Rainbow Preschool (English) and Abacus Adventures (English).

Anděl ©2solo*, flickr
At Home Prague’s apartments in this area rent for about 500 EUR while detached houses rent for 2000 EUR to 4500 EUR.
Single and family homes in Prague 5

Prague 6
Major benefits: green area, proximity to schools, selection of houses
Rents: 430 EUR – 6 000 EUR (10 500 CZK to 137 000 CZK)
Schools: International School of Prague, several International preschools (see map)
You Might Also Like: Divoká and Horní Šárka nature reserve, proximity to Stromovka Park in Prague 7
Divoká Šárka © czechian, flickr

This district, situated in Northwest Prague, is popular among expat families for its parks and nature reserves, beautiful homes and proximity to a large number of schools, including The International School of Prague. Well loved green areas include Divoká and Horní Šárka (lower and upper Sarka), a large nature reserve with cliffs, rocks and trails of varying degrees of difficulty and Stromovka, a former hunting ground that is now a beautiful, calm park with lakes and walking trails.
Divoká Šárka © kh1234567890, flickr

At Home has a wide selection of houses in Prague 6 that rent for 2000 EUR to 4000 EUR. Those seeking the utmost in premium property can find a stunning apartment with a spacious living room, dining area and terrace (see photo below).

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