Dec 20, 2010

What can You Rent for 2000€?

Relocating abroad with a monthly rental budget of 2000€ / month? At Home tours the properties you can rent around the world: from the 1 bedroom apartment in London to the 4 bedroom house with a pool in Budapest.

1) Four Bedrooms in Budapest, Hungary
In Budapest, 2000€ per month will rent you this single family home in residential Buda; close to the American International School and popular with families leaving behind the busy downtown neighborhoods. A 2000€/ month house such as this one comes complete with an indoor pool, sauna and terrace. At 430 sqm, a 2000€ monthly rental budget earns one plenty of space in Budapest.

2) Prague, Czech Republic: Three levels & Three terraces
For 55 000 CZK / month (about 2 185€ at today's exchange rate) a family can rent this 5-bedroom, 3-story semi detached house in Prague. This 270 sqm house comes with a fireplace, three terraces, a small pool and sauna, and a great, equipped kitchen.

3) Prague, Czech Republic: Luxury and Class right in the Center
2000€ can also fetch a classy, 3-bedroom apartment in the heart of Prague (at the Powder Tower). Top notch furnishings include chinawear and crystal glasses, persian rugs and and LCD TV.

4) Bratislava, Slovakia: A Detached house under budget
One can find a wealth of Bratislava properties for less than 2000€/ month. This sunny, 150m2 home in Bratislava 4 has a monthly rent of only 1875€. It includes a fireplace, balcony and nice views. 

5) Bratislava, Slovakia: Among expats in Karlova Ves
This 3-level, 4-bedroom house in a residential area is close to QSI International School, making it popular with expats. This 1600€ house is equipped with a large, separated kitchen, fireplace, two terraces and a garage.

6) Warsaw, Poland: A large house close to the American School
In Warsaw, 2000€ (or 8 000 PLN) rents a house out in Konstancin, a popular neighborhood with expats thanks to its proximity to the American School. This house comes with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms plus a fireplace, balcony and terrace. 

7) Warsaw, Poland: Luxury furnishings, parking and security
For a more urban Warsaw setting, smaller families can rent a two-bedroom apartment in Śródmieście for 2000€. Along with luxury antique furnishings and striking art, this one comes with underground parking and a security monitoring system.

8) Moscow, Russia: 3-bedroom apartment with parks nearby
Moscow property can be quite expensive, but families can still find comfortable properties for 2000€. Take, for instance, this 3-bedroom apartment close to the Polyanka metro station and Park Iskusstv.

Like what you see so far? Continue your own comparison of Bratislava, Budapest, Moscow, Prague and Warsaw property on our website,

9) New York City's Financial District: Trade Space for Location
In New York City, 2000€ (or about $2,600 at today's exchange rate), can secure you a desirable location, but you'll sacrifice on space and features. The Financial district is in the southern end of Manhattan, home to many businesses. The desirable zip code and limited available real estate drives up prices on the small island of Manhattan.

12) Rome, Italy: 2.5 bedrooms outside of the city
In the eternal city, 2100€ will rent you a two bedroom apartment in the outskirts of the city. This home is located north of downtown Rome next to the expansive Parco di Villa Glori. 

13) London, England: Furnished 2 bedroom 
In London, 2000€ (presently equals 1700 GBP) fetches a two bedroom apartment in the western region of Fulham. Located 15 minutes outside of the city, this first-floor apartment has basic features and is in a complex with a pool and sauna. One bedroom apartments in downtown London rent for around 2400€.

14) Munich, Germany: Small and Simple
In Munich, 2000€ will rent a simple property such as this 100 sqm flat.

We're partial to Central and Eastern Europe as a business and relocation destination, but the opportunities to save on residential and commercial property in the region are evident. See the benefits of renting and buying property in Central and Eastern Europe by contacting At Home Real Estate.


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