Dec 16, 2010

International Preschools Budapest: Planet Kids International School

Planet Kids International School is an English language preschool in Budapest that prepares children for continued education abroad or at one of the International Schools in the city. The major draws of this cozy preschool and children’s center are the transparency and open-door policy towards parents and visitors, high quality food and materials and creative, energetic staff. Kiyoko Umemura, the office manager, told us more about Planet Kids.

Quick facts:
Groups: Young Nursery, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Class size: Maximum 12 with 2 full-time teachers
Years: Toddlers who can walk to 6/7
Select Programs: swimming, ice skating, yoga, judo, horseback riding, music class, private music lessons, dance, Drama
Foreign language classes: English for students, English for Mommies

The school day runs from 8:30 (children arrive until 9) to 16:00, with extended stay options available for mornings (7:30 to 8:30) and evenings (16:00 to 17:00). Daily activities include reading and comprehension, music, art and gym class. In addition, there are optional activities which staff are encouraged to suggest and lead. Current activities include swimming, horseback riding, Judo and hip-hop dance; the latest additions are drama and yoga. Kiyoko posts photos and videos of events, performances and celebrations on their website so that family members around the world can see the children at school. Kiyoko mentioned that mothers discuss the day’s activities with her based on what they saw on Facebook.

Parents are actively involved in Planet Kids. There are monthly “Mommy Coffees” that cover the past month, upcoming activities and a special guest such as a child psychologist. The school’s director, Gaby Moharos, teaches weekly English classes. Planet Kids posts all information related to menus, schedules and celebrations on their website and around the school. Prospective families are invited in to attend class, tour the facilities and speak with staff.

Planet Kids takes pride in their high quality food and school materials. Meals and snacks come from a catering service that offers meals for children with allergies that look just like the others. Planet Kids seeks arts, crafts, reading and other materials from high quality shops or abroad in order to maintain high standards, hygiene and health for students.

Planet Kids is moving to a new location from January 2011:
1021 Budakeszi út 73/B

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Planet Kids International Center for Children
Phone: (+36-1) 200-6537

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