Apr 21, 2011

Deutsche Schule Bratislava: An Inside Look

The Deutsche Schule Bratislava (DSB) is a German school located in Bratislava 1. The majority of students are Slovak followed by German and Austrian. The German curriculum focuses on language skills (Slovak, English and French), Natural and Human Sciences and art and sport activities. DSB Administration Officer, Michal Kresak, gives us an overview of the school.

How are the ages divided?
Ages 3-4: kindergarten
Age 5: preschool
Ages 6-9: Primary School, 1st – 4th grades
Ages 10-17: Secondary School, 5th – 12th grades

What curriculum do you offer in each school?
The students are taught according to the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Slovak mother tongue is taught according to the Slovak curriculum.

What languages do you teach?
The language in which the curriculum is taught is German. Students can learn Slovak (mother tongue or foreign language), English and French (as extracurriculars)

How many students are enrolled?
There are 100 students enrolled in the primary and secondary schools and 70 children in kindergarten and preschool for the 2010/2011 school year.

Where are students from?
The majority of the students are Slovak, but we also have German, Austrian and other nationalities.

What is the average class size?
The class size doesn’t exceed 20 students with one teacher.

What is the tuition?
The tuition fees in primary and secondary school are 530 €/month for the first child, 371 € for siblings.
The tuition fees in kindergarten and preschool are 425 €/month for the first child, 289 € for siblings.

Where are materials coming from?
In order to teach the Baden-Württemberg curriculum, school books and other study material are imported from Germany. The books for Slovak as a mother language are from Slovakia and based on the curriculum of Slovakia.

What are student meal options?
The students above 4th grade can choose between two meal options.

What languages do teachers speak?
All teachers speak German, some speak Slovak and English.

Where do your families live?
The children come from families who live in Bratislava or in towns and villages in Slovakia and Austria that are in the vicinity of Bratislava.

How do they get to school?
The majority of the students are driven by their parents, although the school has great public transportation connections because of its location in the centre of the city.

For more information, visit the Deutsche Schule Bratislava website: http://www.deutscheschule.sk

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Telephone: +421 2 624 138 44

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