Sep 13, 2010

Pools in Central Europe

A pool is a popular request among expat families moving to Central Europe and new and old properties alike can come with stunning indoor or outdoor pools. We explain everything you need to know about decorating, caring for and enjoying your pool.

Decorating and Enjoying
Adding additional features can transform a simple swimming pool into a luxurious and relaxing space to host friends and family.
Waterfalls or spillaways: add a waterfall with the help of a professional or do it yourself with a self-contained waterfall kit. The above sheer waterfalls offer a more sleek design.
Swimming machine, which provides a steady stream of water via jets, propellers or paddle wheels, allowing the swimmer to swim in place.
With an inside swimming pool, hang pieces of art on the wall to add glamour to the room. Make sure it won't be damaged by the humidity. 
Spas: An easy addition to a pool is a spillover spa, a small, round sit-in pool that links to an adjacent swimming pool. 

Other features:
Pool Bar


Baja Step- a flat surface to rest deck chairs and a table

Other considerations:
The depth of a pool will add to the costs associated with heating and refilling. Generally, private pools for relaxing go from  1.0 to 2.0 m (3.3 to 6.6 ft). Children's pools go from 0.3 to 1.2 m (1.0 to 4 ft) deep.

Dehumidification of Indoor Pool Rooms
The key mistake in using an indoor pool is not using a proper dehumidifier. This can result in mold, mildew, corrosion problems. In order to avoid this, use a commercial grade dehumidifier. In order to minimize electricity consumption, use the highest possible relative humiditiy setting. 
      -Don't set the RH level on the pool too low, which makes the unit work harder
     -Chose a dehumidifier that features a humidity control adjustment dial like the Vehere. Settings are marked   
"Low", "Normal" and "High". Experiment to find the setting you are most comfortable with. You may need a higher setting during heavy pool activity and use a lower setting when the pool is unoccupied.

Safety in pools
Always consider the enjoyment but also the safety of your family when selecting a pool. Make sure your indoor and outdoor pools have locks and do not let children enter unsupervised. Cover your pools when they are not in use.
Pool Care and Maintenance
Keeping your pool clean and looking its best requires the following: 

1) Adding chemicals 1/week for outdoor pools, about 2/month for indoor pools.
Tablets can easily be purchased in the region. Drop one in about once/week.

2) Vacuuming
Long-hosed vacuums can clean dust and particles that float to the bottom of your pool.

3) Proper filter system
Fill your pool completely and refill as water evaporates. This ensures that the circulating and filtering process works correctly. 
Services are available to handle all pool maintenance and cleaning work. Plan to have the pool serviced weekly (if pool is outdoor) and biweekly (if indoor) and pay about 40 Euro per visit. Along with regular cleaning and care, pool specialists will handle the emptying of the pool and other off-season preparations. In the case of rental properties, the responsibility for pool maintenance generally lies with the tenant, but owners sometimes cover the maintenance costs.

Salt-Water Cleaning Systems
Chlorine cleaning systems are standard in Central European pools, but the newer salt-water pools are slowly beginning to appear in new properties. Salt systems clean pools in a similar way to chlorine pools; in essence salt added by hand creates its own chlorine. In order to maintain a pool with a salt system,

• add non-iodized salt to adjust chlorine level
• add muriatic acid to reduce  pH levels, which tend to be high in salt pools
• add baking soda to adjust the alkalinity
The main benefits of a salt-water system are to the body; the water is softer on the skin and the eyes. The costs of installation and initial two to three years of maintenance are higher for salt-water systems than for chlorine. In the long run, salt-water systems are less expensive; therefore moving to a property already equipped with a salt-water system is ideal. 

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