Nov 26, 2010

Property of the Month: 300 Square Meters of Luxury in Moscow

This month’s featured property is a quiet and green refuge situated in downtown Moscow. We love this apartment because, on two levels, it offers space and comfort in a central location. We also love that it’s right next to the lovely pond of Patriarshy (Patriarch) Ponds district, close to both the bustling social and business life of Tverskaya street and popular with expats.

The apartment
Veronika Ilyina, property agent with At Home Moscow explains that with two levels and two living rooms, this large apartment was likely divided into two in the past. “Many people managed to buy two or three neighboring apartments, joined them, renovated and now rent [them]”, she said. Recently renovated, the apartment’s first level includes a large and bright living room with a fireplace, dining room connection and an open kitchen. Follow the stairs up to the second floor where you’ll find three bedrooms and another living room. Other features we like are the PVC windows, which help reduce energy costs, the Jacuzzi in the beautiful marble bathroom and balcony overlooking the Patriarshy Ponds region. One could argue that its most coveted feature, however, is the two parking space.

The neighborhood
The apartment lies on the border of two districts: Tverskaya and Patriarshy Ponds. Patriarshy Ponds is an affluent region of downtown Moscow, taking its name from the ponds that existed there. Up until the 17th century, the region was full of swamps and marshes. When the patriarch, head of the Russian Orthodox church, moved to the area, he ordered the swamps removed, ponds dug and fish added. In the period that followed, the ponds remained in perfect condition. After the patriarch's death, the ponds were forgotten and left uncared for. In the 19th century, two of the ponds were filled in with sand but one was left behind with intentions to restore its previous beauty. A park was added today this and some other ponds nearby are much-loved destinations in winter and summer for ice skating and other family outings. The district is one of the most expensive in the city.
Patriarch Pond
© by Jose Miguel Calatayud/

Our featured apartment is next to this remaining pond. The district is popular with expats working in Tverskaya street’s business district. The natural surroundings, coupled with the proximity to businesses, transportation connections, shops, restaurants, theaters and cafes of Tverskaya street, render this apartment’s location ideal and unique in Moscow.
"Do not walk on ice" in Patriarch Pond
© by Max Khokhlov/

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