Jul 1, 2014

Bratislava parking tips

Parking is a main question in most big cities, but the regulations and conditions are different everywhere. Let’s see the situation in Bratislava.
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Prague - City of beer

In Czech Republic the beer and the beer consumption has a secural tradition. All over Europe, Prague is famous for its cosy, and hospitable brasseries, where a wide range of beers are available.
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Moscow – Sights you must see

In the historical and old-established Moscow there are several sights which are worth visiting.
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Top luxury properties in Vienna

Vienna is the best place to live for years, according to several researches. What could be more stylish than living in a real luxury property in the best city of the world?
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Warsaw – An extraordinary city

In Warsaw the new and old alloy, not just in the atmosphere but in the cityscape as well. The traditions and the innovation go hand in hand.
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Budapest - The real estate market is booming

In recent years the situation of the domestic real estate market was highly variable, but it seems this year the long-awaited recovery may arrive.

Vienna – The best place to live

This year, for the 5th time, Vienna has been chosen to the most livable city on the world according to the latest global survey from the consulting firm Mercer.

Studio apartment alias the perfect home

Studio apartment means compact space, where you find living room, bedroom, and kitchen in a single room.  These flats are the best choices for singles or bachelors.

At Home celebrated its 9th birthday!

The team of At Home Budapest celebrated the company’s 9th birthday in May, 2014. The nearly ten-year-old luxury real estate agency is proud of the continuous successes so the celebration was memorable again.

Property of the month: Exclusive luxury at Normafa

Have you ever dreamed about what a feeling could be living in a stylishly decorated, wonderful property which has astonishing panorama? We present the property of the month, which we recommend only for lovers of exclusive homes.

Apr 22, 2014

Expat guide in Warsaw

The capital of Poland is also the country’s financial backbone and an increasingly popular destination for expatriates. It is less than a ten hour drive and even shorter flight from Prague, Krakow...

Bratislava – local attractions

Bratislava is one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities. Let’s see some of the places, which have to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Russian cuisine and traditions

Russia is mainly a northern country with long-lasting cold winter. Therefore the food should give energy and warmth to keep habitants healthy and the immune system strong during the winter time. So, the essential components...
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Apr 15, 2014

Home decor trends in 2014

What a better way to start 2014 than updating the look of your home. We have carefully chosen 5 of the most prominent trends for you to try...
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Culture and exhibitions – Recreation in Vienna

Most of us think about Vienna as an amazing and elegant city, but why does we feel that way? Let’s take a look at a list of possibilities available in Vienna in 2014. This city is the capital of music...
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Cultural tips in Prague

If you have ever wondered how to behave in a Prague as an outsider, you surely thought over some of the following points. Now let’s see what experts say.
Shopping: When entering a store, it’s polite to greet the shopkeeper or sales clerk with a cheerful “Dobry den!”...
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Warsaw – local attractions

Whether you visit or live in Warsaw, there are several places which have to be seen. Here are some examples for where to spend your time pleasantly. Old Town Market Square...
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Property of the month – Luxury villa in Vienna

There’s a villa in Vienna which is more special, more luxury and more extraordinary than any other. The property of the month is an exclusive villa, an unforgettable experience. Villa Vinaria - “The Villa in the Vineyards”...
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Moscow in 2014 - Programs, things to do and places to visit

Where to go and what to see this year? If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and wish to get to know a beautiful and unique world, your destination is Moscow. The capital of the Russian Federation is one of the biggest cultural centers of Europe and the world.
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Prague in 2014 – Program offers, festivals, things to do

When it comes about Prague, most of us think about beer, wintertime and the beautiful spectacles. But of course, Prague is much more than a typical tourist place when it’s snowing. The capital of Czech Republic offers various and colorful programs for the whole year for everybody.
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Ideas for a home-made reconstruction

In every year summer is the best time for a little home renewing, reconstructing. We offer you some hints if you are planning it but you don´t know how to begin. With our help the whole process will be faster and easier. A good paint is usually worth the same as a total reconstruction...
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How to choose the right international school in Bratislava

International schools have a lot to offer for students and could be an incredibly enriching experience for them. For many parents, education is paramount to their children’s future and this is naturally no different for parents living in Slovakia.
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Property of the month - July

The property of the month is a high quality apartment located in the 3rd district, in heart of Prague, in Žižkov. Solid elegance and classical forms are mixed both in the construction and equipment.
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Top 3 summer properties in Vienna

The weather is extremely hot? Do you feel that you can’t bear it? Then our experts advise you to think about moving to one of our best summer properties. All fits perfectly to this extremely hot sunny weather. This exclusive villa, located in the 19th district...

How to buy properties in Hungary if you are coming from a non-European Economic Area country?

If you come from Russia or another country which is out of the European Economic Area, you need to get permission from the regionally relevant Government Office. You get a residence permit after 180 days living in Hungary, which should be renewed every year/two years - depending on how many years you got your work permission.
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Vienna’s oasis

In summertime Vienna is a great place to enjoy outdoor programs.  A lot of places offer plenty of leisure activity options for the warm summer nights, especially next to the Donaukanal.Right next to the Donaukanal and just minutes away from the city centre...
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Culture in Bratislava

Whether you work, live or have a vacation in Bratislava, numerous possibilities are available to spend your time useful. Let’s see some of them. The Opera in Bratislava is popular among international visitors - for its quality as well as favourable prices. The Opera of the Slovak National Theatre takes place in two separate buildings in the centre of Bratislava.
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Apr 10, 2014

Modern living in the historical Prague: Prague 2

Prague is one of the most historical cities in Europe. It has a rich history and this fact left on the city building’s its fingerprint. Prague is the home of numerous traditional buildings and tourist attraction can find here.
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Property of the month – Style in the city centre

The property of august in Moscow is a luxurious 2 level apartment with five rooms giving the tenant a very good option to live in the centre of the Russian capital. The property has a very favourable location, providing a panoramic view on Kreml.
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Property of the month -luxurious apartment near Danube

Every month has a special property, which is the most outstanding, and which unites all those excellent and elegant features that the others have one-by-one. Now in the followings, you can read about our Top June property.
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