Nov 26, 2010

Learn Where to Live: Castles and City Access in Bratislava

Last month, our introduction to Bauhaus architecture included a Bratislava apartment in Dlhé Diely, a new quarter of Bratislava IV. Now we offer an in depth look at this modern apartment complex popular with families seeking nature, quiet, city access, modern facilities and, if they're lucky, a parking space.

This new building development is located in the Dlhé diely area of Karlova Ves (Bratilslava IV). Completed in February of this year, it is situated about 10 minutes from downtown Bratislava. It sits on a hill overlooking the Danube, Bratislava and the alluvial forests of Austria. The residence consists of three buildings linked by a common underground parking garage. Sizes range from one to five bedrooms with an area of 30 to 220 sq m. Apartments come with a cellar, balcony or terrace and at least one parking space.

The development is located in Dlhé diely, a quarter of Karlova Ves (in Bratislava IV). Formerly a park/forest, Dlhé diely is now a popular residential area with apartment buildings ranging from 4 to 12 stories high. There is competition for parking spaces in this valuable area, making apartments with underground parking in demand.

Rezidencia Kaskady
©OTYK sro
According to At Home Bratislava, the top qualities of this area are the greenery, an on-compound playground and proximity to the Devín Castle. It’s a popular neighborhood for families who are able to hike and ride bikes on the path to the Castle and Hainburg synagogue, both in nearby Austria (see map below).

The complex is in walking distance to many food shops, banks, doctor’s offices and fitness centers along with cafes and restaurants. Additional qualities are: 
  • quiet environment and clean air                                                       
  • proximity (10 minutes’ drive) to highway connections to Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic
  • proximity (7 minutes’ walk) to supermarkets and specialty food shops

open kitchen and living room in this 2-bedroom apartment in Rezidencia Kaskady

Nearby Devín Castle
© Amanda Geck Alvarez/

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