Oct 7, 2010

Inside Look: International School of Moscow

In order to assist our clients with the settling in process, we’re providing an inside look at international schools in Central Europe. The International School of Moscow is a British school in a protected national park. Lucy Kenyon, admissions officer at ISM, introduces the school. Read on to learn more about ISM.

Quick facts:

Students Enrolled for 2010/2011 school year: 300
Years: Ages 2 – 13 and growing
Selected Programs: English National Curriculum, including drama, music, art, football, golf, bowling, film-making, crafts
Foreign language classes: Russian, French, Dutch  (a registered Dutch school operates on the premises after school on Mondays)

The gracious and helpful Lucy Kenyon, Admissions Officer at International School of Moscow, gives video tours via Skype for families who are not yet in Moscow. Expect lots of information, waves from students and presentations of projects by Ms. Kenyon and other teachers. 

What is a typical day?
The International School of Moscow follows a Creative Curriculum model, which consists of linking subjects such as math and art. During an interactive tour of the school provided by Ms. Kenyon, I saw a display of geometric figures as art; a review of the lesson combining art and math. Students are taught by specialists, meaning their school day is divided by subject or specialty. Every morning, each class meets with their tutor, who is the head teacher for the group, and monitors the individual student's progress and study habits. Ms. Kenyon showed me various classes in session and introduced me to teachers. Ms. Greaves, the art teacher (and year 8 tutor), displayed projects by her students. Students attend specialty classes such as math, history and cultural studies and art. Specialists hold a minimum of a secondary degree and post graduate certificate of education in their field.

The International School of Moscow has a Russian program divided into three levels. Students attend class twice/week for one hour. They begin with the alphabet and various games and advance from there. Ms. Kenyon's daughters, Harriet and Lauren, demonstrated their Russian skills via Skype video. "They were ordering from a menu after three months", Ms. Kenyon said. Students also study French once per week.

Writing Pyramid
The International School of Moscow teaches through the writing pyramid, in which students begin with basic words and subjects and expand their vocabulary and writing style over the course of their education. Ms. Kenyon's daughters, Harriet and Lauren, worked on various projects that developed their business and personal communication skills. Harriet worked on a marketing assignment in which she created various advertisements for ISM targeted at parents, teachers and students while Lauren created an advertising campaign for helicopters and cars.

Extracurricular activities occur until 4:30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Clubs range from swimming to origami, bowling to photography and drama to football. Ms. Kenyon's daughters are involved in threading, movie-making and drama (they are currently preparing a performance of Oliver Twist). Students also have the possibility to attend private music lessons, which are timetabled into the school day.

For parents, the school teaches a weekly Russian conversation class.

The "Harry Potter" Houses of ISM:
Along with divisions by year, students are grouped into four houses. Houses and house captains meet for an assembly every Monday and compete for points throughout the week. Every Friday, students select a subject to study during Golden Time; usually IT, music or art. Students earn house points and lose Golden Time based on behavior and achievements of the week.

The International School of Moscow is a modern facility with bright classrooms and interactive White Board technology. Students are in one of two campuses; both campuses house library and IT departments, with computers, books and a soon-to-be-opened chill-out area for students to do homework and socialize. The International School continues to expand and hire additional specialist teachers, as students advance.

Getting to School:
The International School of Moscow runs a bus service to the major expat neighborhoods of Moscow. See the schedule here: http://www.internationalschool.ru/info/Quicklinks/BusSchedule/en/

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Telephone: +7 495 950 57 58
Mobile: + 7 499 409 03 80

For more information about ISM, e-mail the Head of Admissions, Lucy Kenyon or visit their website at http://www.internationalschool.ru

Metro: Krylatskoye (Крылатское)
Busses: 271,733, 829 to Tserkov' Rozhdestva Bogoroditsy (Церковь Рождества Богородицы)
Click here to see directions to ISM using our map.

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