Sep 29, 2011

Residential Property Trends in Bratislava

Bratislava residential real estate continues to perform moderately well. The buyers' (or renters') market persists, allowing property seekers in Bratislava the opportunity to secure great bargains. We review recent rental, sale and demand trends with At Home Bratislava Manager, Marcela Podmanicka.

Bratislava rents have declined across the board throughout 2011, including in the luxury property market. Marcela explained that in recent months, she has witnessed little change in rental prices. In terms of negotiations, clients have been able to negotiate lower rents when signing longer-term contracts of 2-3 years or more. Property buyers are in an excellent negotiating position given the wide range of available projects from which to choose.

    The outlook for the Bratislava real estate market is cautiously optimistic as experts note improved economic fundamentals. The number of expatriate relocations to Bratislava has increased compared to 2010, Marcela says.

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