Aug 31, 2011

Districts for Expats in Bratislava

Expats moving to Bratislava really have the entire city within their reach; driving across the city can take about 30 minutes. At Home Bratislava manager Marcela Podmanicka finds that districts I, III and IV are most popular with expatriates due to the access the entertainment, international schools and offices. New apartments and developments are popping up throughout the city, offering a wealth of options to expatriates moving to Bratislava. Each of these popular districts has something unique to offer: read more about the schools, facilities and apartments you’ll find there.

Bratislava 1
Major benefits: downtown atmosphere, proximity to business, embassies, tourist attractions, cafes & restaurants
Rents: 570 EUR – 1500 EUR
Schools: Deutsche Schule (German School), Fantasy Bratislava English Kindergarten
Shopping: Various shops along the pedestrian streets plus the Eurovea shopping center
You Might Also Like: Old Town, Bratislava City Museum, Botanical Gardens

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Bratislava 1, and in particular the areas of Stare Mesto, Koliba, Horsky Park and Slavin, are highly desirable for expats in Bratislava. There are plenty of restaurants and pubs, small shops and large shopping centers plus a promenade along the riverside. The Old Town (Stare Mesto) is a quaint and friendly place to take a stroll or commute to work. With a good deal of offices located here, many single or young expatriates choose the convenient living that Bratislava 1 has to offer.

Bratislava 3
Major benefits: proximity to business, access to nature
Rents: 550 EUR – 1500 EUR
Schools: French International School
You Might Also Like: the nearby Little Carpathians

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Like Bratislava 1, Bratislava 3 is home to many offices. Bratislava’s French expat community populates this district as it is where the French school is located. While it provides a wealth of housing options, including 1-2 bedroom apartments and family homes, the area skirts up against the edge of the Little Carpathian mountains. Locals head here in the spring and summer for hiking.

Bratislava 4
Major benefits: proximity to schools, nature, leisure activities
Rents: 800 EUR – 2500 EUR
Schools: British International School, QSI International School, Forel International School
You Might Also Like: the Bratislava Zoo

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Bratislava 4 offers the most convenience to schools and leisure activities, including the Bratislava Zoo. Three of the four main international schools are located here: The British International School, the American QSI International School and the Forel International School.

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