Nov 23, 2012

The most expensive city in Europe: Moscow

CNBC published their „10 most expensive cities in the world to live” list, which included 200 factors such as costs for a 2-bedroom luxury apartment, utilities, transportation, food, clothing or entertainment. The New York-based company, CNBC has a total of 214 cities ranked, where Moscow is the 4th one thus the 1st in Europe

The 10 most expensive cities in the world and their average luxury property rental fees:

   1.  Tokyo, Japan where rent runs $4848.
   2.  Luanda, Angola where monthly rent runs $6500.
   3.  Osaka, Japan offers the luxury apartment at $3062.
   4.  Moscow, Russia has their luxury apartment at $4200.
   5.  Geneva, Switzerland presents the luxury apartment at $4818.
   6.  Zurich, Switzerland (compare to Geneva) offers a comparable apartment at $3614.
   7.  Singapore might offer luxury digs at $3588.
   8.  N’Djamena, Chad …just doesn’t seem to have much in the way of luxury 2-bedroom apartments for expatriates. But should you find a place to live, you’ll pay $3.32.
   9.  Hong Kong offers a very pricey (but comparable) apartment for $7092 per month.
  10.Nagoya, Japan has the bargain luxury apartment at $2551 per month.

Moscow is not only the most expensive city in Europe but the home of some additional most’s. Here are our favourites:

-          The most populous city in Europe (11,503,501 according to the 2012 Census)
-          The 5th largest city proper in the world
-          The northernmost mega city on Earth
-          Moscow has the largest community of billionaires in the world (According to Forbes 2011)

Moscow is more and more popular for the tourist. With it’s more than 186 Hotels,  61 museum and 27 gallery Moscow is a real paradise for the newcomers. The best time to visit city is in mid-winter, when the snow-covered city of scenic spectacle.

In suburbs, the average price per square meter is around 4000 USD, while in prominent quarters it can be 6500 - $ 8000, but also to reach 40,000 $. A typical one-bedroom apartment is about 30 m², while a two-room apartment is around 45 m². Three bedroom apartments have usually  70 m².

 Moscow is a wilde range of the real estates. Visit our properties in Moscow here.

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