Nov 19, 2012

Christmas markets in Vienna

The period of Advent is here and Christmas markets are already open in most European cities. One of the most beautiful one is in Vienna, the oldest place where you can feel the Christmas atmosphere.  Vienna Magic of Advent is a real heart-warming and romantic place, where more than 150 sellers are waiting for the customers.

The story was beginning with I. Albrecht Caesar in 1296, who was the first who allowed to the retailers to sell their products. The name of the market changed continuously like Market of Betlehem, Saint Nicolas or Christmas market. In 1975 the market needed a new location and a temporary solution, it was held at Rathausplatz in front of the city hall. Very soon, the combination of Christmas market and "Wiener Adventzauber" in the nearby park created such a special ambience that the location of the Christmas market seems to be secured for years to come.

Arts and Crafts in Vienna:
This is the real artisan market. The products are very exclusive here, because everything is a hand-made work.  There are a lot of programs for children, like candle making, riding pony and Christmas playground. The adults programs are colorful too; everybody can find an interesting activity.

Maria Theresa Square:
Maria Theresia Square opened it’s doors this year for the seventh time in the beautiful park of the Museum of Arts an Sciences. This is the absolutely place to enjoy delicious aromas and a cup of hot wine in the cold.

The Christmas Village Belvedere Castle:
Here there are more than 40 cabins offering fine arts and unusual Christmas gifts. There is the most beautiful place to relax and have a great time under the huge Christmas tree, the quiet music and the Renaissance feeling in the castle park.

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