Jul 24, 2012

Space is Luxury - Prague

‘Why minimalism is so fashionable nowadays?’ has been asked by an acclaimed design blog. Is it because of its simplicity? Its usability? Or its efficiency? The answer could not be more simple: ‘Because space is luxury’.

So the question is rather; how can we achieve minimalism in our homes? The first step is to organize and declutter our residences, while placing one main element in the focus of the attention. It is very important to have a focal point, for instance, a favorite furniture from which every other element radiates out.

The second step towards effective minimization of our homes is to curate our color palette. Use only few colors with no motive and stick to it. If you find it hard to furnish a whole room with only one or two colors, try to use different materials.

To further emphasize the minimal look, use modern furnishings and try to avoid antiques and traditional furniture.

Another key element is creating empty surfaces by grouping together similar objects in designated areas. Place books in a chest and group the picture frames to the assigned area. Make sure to use limited number of pictures with a simple composition and frame.

The arrangement of the artworks is just as important; try placing pictures, lamps, pillows, etc. in pairs or group them together asymmetrically to either side.

For many, finding a source of inspiration helps the most. Browse pictures, websites, magazines or our blog to give you some ideas and refine your taste. There are many levels of minimalism; therefore, it is very important for you to know in what environment you would feel the most comfortable.

If you agree with Leonardo da Vinci, that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, a home with a minimalist style is definitely for you and the above listed apartments on the pictures give plenty of opportunity to realize the home of your dreams.

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