Jul 19, 2012

Life after the UEFA Euro 2012 in Warsaw

All together four cities; Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań had the honor to facilitate the European Football Championship in Poland. After the Polish-Ukrainian joint bid winning the bidding contest among; Croatia–Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland–Ukraine and Turkey, Warsaw had the main focus regarding state investments in Poland.

State investments in connection with the UEFA European Championship 2012 in Warsaw included; the entire refurbishment of the Eastern Train Station and modernization of the Central Railway Station, establishment of a security headquarter, renovation of the runways of Chopin airport and establishment of a new railway line to link the airport to the city center; the convenient journey takes around 25 minutes. Furthermore, a National Sports Center has been built and a faster and quieter streetcar line will be completely installed by December in the capital.

Warsaw is not just famous for being one of the host cities of the European Football Championship in 2012, but also has been elected, well before, in 2008 as the European Capital of Sport.

 There are many sport centers all around the city, but we can find luxurious tennis courts and golf-courses as well. For winter sport lovers there is an all year ski slope available, Górka Szczęśliwicka, and there are both in and outdoor ice rinks as well, for instance, Stegny or the Torwar Arena. Both can be found in Mokotów district.

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Mokotów is also a seat to many embassies and foreign companies. Służewiec neighborhood of Mokotów gives place to the horse racetrack.

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The best swimming pool of the city is Wodny Park Warszawianka, equipped with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, waterslides and among many other facilities, a snow room!

Apartment near the Wodny Park Warszawiank:

Although, the championship has come to an end, life has not ended in the Polish capital. In fact, it gave an extra boost to the development of the city and Warsaw will continue to be present in front of international audiences in the future too; namely, as a candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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