Apr 30, 2012

Where to live in Vienna? – Find your district

The pleasure of living in Vienna is not a question any more. This colourful city offers a real quality life in 23 distinct districts, each with its own charming character.  Which one is the best to live in? It depends. At Home Vienna collected the main features.

Vienna consists of 23 districts. The most central one is the first; the rest comes after it in a spiral. However, there are gaps and jumps at some points; the clockwise manner is a simple way to recognize the districts.

Although each district has its own beauty, there are some prominent areas, expats love the most:

1st District: Innere Stadt
The Inner Stradt is the district where tourists spend the bulk of their time. This is the absolute centre of culture and social activities in Vienna. However the majority of sightseeing attractions are concentrated here, it's also an administrative, political and economic hub.
The infrastructure is excellent, but because there are busy and crowded areas, finding a parking place might be a challenge sometimes. 

6th and 7th Districts: Mariahilf and Neubau
These two trendy districts are filled with studios and apartments; moreover the busiest nightlife in Vienna is here. Mariahilf is famous for its shopping street called Mariahilferstrasse, which is the largest shopping street in Vienna. 

9th District: Alsegrund
This attractive area is popular with wealthy locals who desire a centrally-located apartment. It is packed with students attending the University of Vienna, along with a variety of entertainment options. The U.S Embassy is located in Alsergrund, the 9th district.

18th and 19th Districts: Währing and Döbling
These two districts are the homes of single-family homes and international schools. Beautiful green areas and woods give great opportunities for relaxing. Vienna's greatest and most beautiful public swimming pool, the Krapfenwaldlbad, is situated in Döbling (19th district) and offers a wonderful view over the city.

22nd Districts: Donaustadt
The largest district is situated on the left bank of the Danube.
Along with the 19th district, Donaustadt (22nd district) is home to a sizable expat population living near the United Nations, non-profit Vienna International School. You will find the popular Donauinsel here and this thin, long and artificial island in the Danube is a paradise for rollerblading, cycling, jogging and walking.

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