May 10, 2012

Latest trends: What’s new on Prague’s property market?

Prague is one of the most amazing capitals in Europe. Tourists and expats are more than welcome here; property market focuses on foreigners more than ever before. At Home Network will now put you in the picture about today’s Prague property market and trends.

Rental fees
In the past few years, the real estate market in the Czech capital has showed a slow but steady decline. Prices decreased with an approximately 5%, while in high-income luxury properties the decrease could reach 10%. According to market analyzers, this decline stops this year and prices remain stable.

According to last year’s survey, almost 10 percent of Prague’s population is made up of expats. The majority of them are short-term labourers who are unlikely to buy real estate, but members from other EU countries have important role on the Prague real estate market.

Negotiation power
The negotiation power between the owner and the client is different in each country. In Prague the power is balanced, trying to force the other party is not typical.

Buying an apartment for rent it out is a profitable business in Prague. The Czech capital is a popular tourist town and many multinational companies have the centre office here. The demand for rent is extremely high and there are several apartment complexes in the center of Prague, where clients are buying apartments for rent.

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