Dec 5, 2011

Buy a Piece of Tranquility in the Czech Republic

Imagine you’ve just settled in to your new home in the Czech Republic. Your job is going well, your family is happy and you all feel you could live here, or at least come back and visit, forever. You might also be thinking about upcoming family vacations—how to take advantage of the gorgeous Czech countryside, skiing, hiking and relaxation available to you. For those seeking quick weekend trips from Prague or a holiday home located in the very center of Europe, the new apartments at the Špindlerův Mlýn ski resort are calling you.

The apartments

Apartments in this complex range from 1 to 4 bedrooms—plenty of sleeping room for multiple friends & families. The apartments, distributed in four buildings, each have a hall, kitchen corner, and living room/area. Larger apartments have dining areas and separated living rooms (floor plans vary—see specific properties on our website). Every apartment comes with a terrace from which to admire the view of the mountains; they range in size from 6m2 to 35m2. After enjoying the skiing during the day, pass your evenings lounging with your family on the terrace or in the warmth of your home. Floors are prefabricated oak with a 4mm oak finish. Doors are oak veneer or larch in color with a honeycombed panel (bedroom, bathroom, and toilet) or glassed-in with glazed glass (living room). TV and phone usage will be possible in all living rooms and bedrooms. In terms of security, each building has a security door with a camera, visible from a receiver in every apartment. Motion and glass-breaking detectors are directed at the apartment entrances (front door and terrace).

The location

The area is well-known in the region as a skiing retreat. Before snow begins to fall, hikers and bikers head for the well-maintained trails. The source of the Elbe River is 8km away. Nearby, a stone wall monument lists the cities which the river passes through. Hiking along the river offers views and panoramas, including one of the tallest waterfalls in the Czech Republic. The Krkonoše Mountains, on the boarder of the Czech Republic and Poland, offer skiing, hiking and biking.

Krkonoše mountains  
Krkonoše Mountains

Under 2 hours from Prague, this resort has become the destination for winter and year-round activities. Children and adults will never tire of things to do. Families who do not intend to live in the Czech Republic permanently can still benefit from the holiday resort’s central location in Europe. Contact At HomePrague to learn more about investing in this vacation spot.

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