Apr 28, 2011

Warsaw: A Guide to Shopping, Living and Relaxing

At Home Real Estate continues our interview series featuring At Home staff and their tips on moving to and living in Central and Eastern Europe . In this article, At Home Warsaw Real Estate Consultant Jessica Kaus recommends where to find a home, where to shop and where to relax when living in Warsaw.

Where do most expats live?
Most live in the districts of Śródmieście, Mokotów and Wilanów. Other popular choices for their proximity to international schools are Konstancin, a small town south of Warsaw, and Saska Kępa, a neighborhood in the district of Praga Południe.
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What are your favorite areas of Warsaw?
My favorite area is Aleje Ujazdowskie (Ujazdowskie Avenue) in Śródmieście because it’s just beautiful. In the summer it is very green as there are three parks next to each other.

Other choice streets are Nowy Świat (New World Street) and Krakowskie Przedmieście - in summer they fill with outdoor restaurants and pubs.  Long before Christmas time the street is decorated with Christmas decorations and lamps- it looks amazing!
Nowy Świat © Otto Jula, flickr

Krakowskie Przedmieście © Ewelina, flickr

What district are the schools in?
The American School of Warsaw is in fact south of the city; not far from the village of Konstanctin. The French Lycée Français de Varsovie Primary School and the British School are located in Sadyba, which is in the lower part of the Mokotów district. The Lycée Français de Varsovie Secondary school is about 7 km north of the Primary School in Saska Kępa, a western neighborhood of the Praga Południe district. See their locations in the International Schools Map below.

See houses in Warsaw close to the American School of Warsaw
Warsaw houses close to the Lycée Français de Varsovie and the British School
Warsaw homes close to the Lycée Français de Varsovie secondary school

Where do Polish go for a weekend outing?
It is very popular to walk, rollerblade and bike ride along the Vistula river or in the nearby Fosa Park.
The most popular parks in Warsaw are Łazienki Park, Powsin Culture Park, Pola Mokotowskie (Mokotów Field), Ujazdowski Park, Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden), Arkadia Park and Lasek Bielański. See their locations in the map below.
Ogród Saski Tulips © Bocian & Tusia, flickr
Sunset in Pola Mokotowskie © Andrzej Ch., flickr 

What are your favorite restaurants? What are the most popular expat-friendly restaurants?
My favorite restaurants are ‘Szwejk’, a Polish and Czech restaurant in Plac Konstytucji and ‘Bordo’, serving great Italian food. Another favorite is ‘Renesans’ in Saska Kępa.  It’s an Italian- French restaurant where you can try a chicken with French fries and beef skewers.

The most popular expat-friendly restaurants are ‘Blue Cactus’ in Mokotów,  ‘Some Place Else’ in Śródmieście’ and anything in Old Town. See details in the map below.

What are the best supermarkets and outdoor markets?
Tesco is a large and inexpensive supermarket, while Alma and Bomi offer a wide selection of foreign products. You’ll also find quality products in Piotr I Paweł, a polish shop. Biedronka and Lidl are good supermarkets for daily shopping.

The best outdoor food markets are Hala Mirowska, Banacha Bazaar and Universam Bazaar near Rondo Wiatraczna. See their locations in the map below.
Hala Mirowska © Jaime Silva, flickr

Hala Mirowska © Jaime Silva, flickr

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