Feb 8, 2011

Shopping in Warsaw

If you love shopping, you'll love Warsaw. Warsaw has an excellent selection of malls, souvenirs stores, specialty shops, and more - and many are conveniently located near major sights and attractions. Kerry Kubilius, author of About.com Eastern Europe guide, provides this thourough listing of shops in Warsaw.

Poland-Made Products
These stores sell products made in Poland, from traditional crafts, to locally produced foods, to artisan jewelry. If you're looking for the "made in Poland" label, you'll find it at these stores.

Warsaw Shopping Centers
Warsaw is home to several large shopping centers that carry familiar European and American brands. One of the most conveniently located and most recognizable malls is the Golden Terraces shopping center near the Palace of Culture and Science.

Souvenir Shops
In Warsaw's souvenir shops, you'll find everything from classy, expensive gifts to quirky trinkets that will make you giggle. Collectors of traditional crafts and holiday ornaments will also do well in Warsaw's souvenir shops.

Specialty Food Shops in Warsaw
You can take the flavors of Poland home with you! Browse these specialty stores' selections of condiments, preserves, spirits, and sweets for memorable gifts.

Where to Shop in Warsaw
By Kerry Kubilius, About.com Guide
Title photo by Sokole, flickr.com

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