Oct 15, 2012

The world’s skinniest house – is it luxury?

Luxury is a word to express something that is extremely expensive or extremely special. The world’s skinniest house is just before to build up in Warsaw, but At Home Warsaw is eagerly wants to know whether living it will be a luxury or just simply special?

According to real estate experts, Warsaw is the 2nd attractive estate market in Europe: 12% from the investors have chosen this city to invest in, which is really an attractive number.
The world’s narrowest house is skinnier than a normal bed. It is hard to imagine but feasible! The current recorder is in Scotland with this “building”, see on the left.

The world’s narrowest house will be one meter twenty centimeters wide; the thinnest part is 71 centimeters and located in an alley between an apartment building and a tower. The design team planned 4-story home; however the first is just a stair.
On the first floor you can find the bathroom with a toilet and a shower cabin. Here is the living room, the kitchen and the dining room as well – so this is an all in one room. The small table comes out from the wall with two seats attached to it and in this case kitchen means hot plate with a sink.

You need to climb up on a ladder –because there is no enough place for a staircase– to the 3rd floor, this is the bedroom. The usable area of the hole house is under 7 m2. The house is officially a work of art because it does not meet Polish building standards, so with this loophole could allow the license. The construction will be completed in December – published Yahoo! the american news portal. This new resident will be an Israel writer, named Etgar Keret who definitely doesn’t want to organize an inauguration party because of the lack of place.
If you have a claustrophobic, don’t hesitate! Choose one of our spacious house:

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