Aug 10, 2012

The Housing Market in Bratislava

Average housing price per square meter has increased recently in Bratislava. The most significant growth could be observed in the third district, where residential property prices average around €1,970 currently.

An analysis, carried out by a Slovakian investments company, has showed that 471 new apartments were sold in Bratislava between April and June this year and the average price was €1,694 for one apartment in the capital city. The head of the analytical team claimed: “Nowadays, especially two and three-room apartments with a size between 55 and 75 square meters are selling well”.

Occupancy has also grown in the Slovak capital with 0.3% to 63.3%, which is further increasing the demand on the real estate market.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in the rest of the country. Slovakia, among many other countries, has greatly suffered from the economic crisis in 2008, when housing prices have dropped sharply. Residential property prices have first increased during the third quarter of 2010, but unfortunately, this recovery has not continued last year. In fact, the housing prices are still declining in general, led by falling flat prices.

Although, the Slovakia on its whole might not be as appealing as Bratislava from investment point of view, but house prices on average seem to be stabilizing all across the country according to data released by the central bank of the Slovak Republic.

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