Oct 27, 2010

Rental Trends in Moscow

The market for luxury rental properties in Moscow remains a tug of war between renters with reduced rental budgets and high-income owners who are able to hold on to their property while they await their asking price. Our agents in Moscow find that rental prices remain stabilized, the supply of available apartments is unchanged and fewer expats are coming with families to Moscow. Read on for details on current Moscow rental trends.

Expats continue to move to Moscow, but over the past few months, single transferees have been replacing families. With companies all over the world reducing their foreign expansion plans, budgets for some foreign transferees have declined 15% to 30% over the past 12 months. This can put a strain on expats seeking property in the luxury property market where rental prices have not dropped significantly over the same period.

With summer holiday travels wrapping up, landlords are more available and properties remain on the market for shorter periods of time. Elina notes that, similar to the Budapest sale property market, high quality properties remain on the market for a relatively short time; usually two weeks to one month. Others can be vacant for one year plus.

Elina points out that in negotiations for high-rent properties, renters might find less flexibility in price. There is still a steady flow of expats into Moscow, which allows landlords to maintain their asking rental price. In addition, luxury property owners, who seek a rental fee of $ 7 000 to $25 000, do not feel compelled to generate rental income quickly. In negotiations for properties with lower rental fees (rental price of $3000 to $7000), landlords may offer to cover extra costs related to utilities, maintenance or internet service.

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