Oct 19, 2010

House in Warsaw: Greenery and Modern Design in Konstancin

This property of the month is located outside of Warsaw and very close to Konstancin. Close proximity to the American School of Warsaw, health spas and parks make this housing complex well-loved by expats and locals alike. At 10 000 PLN per month, it is a real bargain, as others in the complex rent for higher prices. Read on to learn more about this beautiful home and region, including the healing air that awaits you.

This 4-bedroom detached house sits in a complex adjacent to the American School of Warsaw, one of the most popular among foreigners. Although separated from the school, it almost appears as if the homes and school are part of the same complex. This is no surprise; it was built to meet the needs of foreigners attending the school.
Housing complex with the American School of Warsaw in the background

According to At Home Warsaw agent, Izabella Kaus, one out of every two households is an expatriate family. Children can play securely in the large, green complex. The nearby school is large and modern and contains desired features like a swimming pool and playground.

This is a modern house with lots of windows, wood and frosted glass doors. It has four bedrooms on the top floor, a large combined living and dining room on the ground floor and a two-car garage. 

The master bedroom comes with a bathroom while the other three share a hallway bathroom. Izabella points out that at 10 000 PLN monthly rent, it is a bargain compared to the 15 000 PLN rental fee nearby homes rent for.  Gardens in the complex range from 600 or 700 sqm to 1200 sqm.

Once the kids are out the door and off to school, head to the famous mineral salt spas and hospitals of Konstancin.  Izabella describes Konstancin as a healthy place with a hospital, rehabilitation center for spine and other issues, spas and graduation towers. A graduation tower is a special structure designed to remove water from saline solution.
Local residents stroll at the Spa Park in Konstancin

It consists of a wooden wall with bundles of brushwood stuffed inside. Salt water runs down the tower, partially evaporates and leaves a salt reside on the brushwood. People walk around the towers to inhale the salty water vapor which is beneficial to the lungs and airways. Kontancin is essentially an expanse of green; you can see more photos of the parks, rivers and forests of Konstancin in the city's online photo gallery here.

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