Sep 6, 2010

International Schools Budapest: Greater Grace

In order to assist our clients with the settling in process, we’re highlighting international schools in Central Europe. Greater Grace International School is a K-12 international school in Budapest; located close to Moszka Ter at 22 Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor in the 12th district. In 2011 they will launch a pre-kindergarten class for three and four year olds. Read on for a detailed look.

Quick facts: 
Enrollment for 2010/2011 school year: 120
Average class size: 10-12
Years: K – 12
Selected Programs (after school and in curriculum): drama with annual play, music, sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming), ballroom dancing, origami, others based on request
Foreign language classes: French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Latin, English

Student Body
Class size
With this school year’s enrollment at about 120, Greater Grace International School’s student body is smaller than other English-speaking schools in Budapest. Classes are therefore quite small; the maximum size is 16 while the average is 10 to 12.

The student body is primarily Asian, followed by an equal portion of Hungarians and Americans. The next largest group is other Europeans followed by Africans and South Americans. Although Greater Grace is a Christian school, students practice a variety of religions at home. 

Lessons and Values
Individual attention and a focused, academic curriculum are important components of Greater Grace education. The core values of Greater Grace are morality, discipline and respect, and they are taught through daily Bible studies and nurturing yet strict discipline policies.  

The school is composed of a kindergarten (Prep One), primary school (grades 1-6), middle school (grades 7-8) and high school (grades 9-12). Teachers apply the following instructional methods for specific areas of study.

  • AbekaA Christian education method that is designed for small classes with differentiation. According to Rita Jako of Greater Grace, this approach allows for the accommodation of various speeds and capacities. One class included three reading groups to accommodate different speeds, for example. 
  • Saxon- Math
  • Shurely –English, Literature, composition, creative writing

Current after-school programs include soccer for 3 age groups, girl’s volleyball for high schoolers and basketball. Teams compete with other international schools in Budapest. Swimming classes are included in the K-Grade 6 physical education curriculum.

Greater Grace students perform an annual play at a local theater hall. After-school rehearsals run from the beginning of the school year until the performance in February or March.

Other sports and extracurricular activities are organized at the requests of students and/or staff. Afterschool programs include:

  • Origami Club
  • Arts and crafts
  • Worship Team
  • Violin
  • HS and Elementary Choir
  • Chess Club
  • HS Ballroom Dancing
  • Aerobics
  • HS Soccer
  • HS Volleyball
  • HS Basketball

Specialized classes
Greater Grace teaches a variety of languages based on the needs of the student body. Past languages include French, German, Hungarian, Spanish and Latin. Latin studies begin in grade 5 in order to develop and comprehend English vocabulary and to prepare students for the SAT (university entrance exam). 

Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which consist of a class and final exam that can earn students college credit, are offered on request. Past AP classes included AP Physics and AP Calculus.  

Getting to the school
Families attending Grater Grace usually live in districts 2, 2A and 12. Students come by car with their parents, by bus arranged by Greater Grace or, in the case of older students, by public transportation.

Sampling of School activities

Family Fair (October)
Harvest Night (October)
May Fair (May)
Pep Rally (during soccer season)
Food drive and delivery (November and March)
Caroling at local shopping mall (Christmastime)
Gift delivery to orphanage (Christmastime)
Student Sunday (4-5 times per year)
Lock In (twice/year)
Spirit Week (twice/year)
Honors Choir (MS/HS)
Talent Show (HS)

For more information, contact Rita Jako, marketing director at Greater Grace. 
Address: 22 Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, 1125 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 274 4053

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