Sep 1, 2010

Moving to Warsaw? Best Districts for Expats

Foreigners in Warsaw tend to live in three districts: Wilanów, Mokotów and Śródmieście (city center). In Wilanów there is a large international community, Mokotów offers access to the city center coupled with a suburban feel, and Śródmieście has the old town and bustling business. Knowing your potential neighborhood is important when selecting a place to live, and this article provides an online tour of these three expat-friendly districts.

Major benefits: proximity to city center, access to public transportation, parks
Rents: 2500 PLN/month to 17000 PLN/month (625 EUR to 17000 EUR)
Schools: The British School, Lycée Français (preschool & elementary), various English preschools
Shops: shopping centers such as Galeria Mokotow, Sadyba Best Mall, CH Land
Commute to downtown: 10 minutes on public transportation, 10 to 30 minutes by car
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Mokotów photo by Andrzej CH
Mokotów is a quiet, residential neighborhood that is easily accessible from the city center. Pola Mokotowskie Park, the largest park in Warsaw, connects downtown with Mokotów.
The district’s main draw is the wealth of public transportation options. It’s well connected by metro, tram and bus to the center district of Śródmieście, which lies to the north. Traveling from Mokotów to the city center takes about 10 minutes by metro.

The district is close to many international schools. The British school and French elementary school are in central Mokotów; the German and English-language European School lie to the south in Wilanów (see map).  Among families, the district of Wilanów is more popular due to its proximity to the American School of Warsaw, which is about 20 minutes’ drive from central Mokotów.

Mokotów apartment for rent
There are a variety of property types in Mokotów, therefore rents vary. One bedroom apartments are available for about 2500 PLN/month (625 EUR), while large apartments and detached houses can rent for 17000 PLN/month (4300 EUR).

Best for: proximity to schools, parks, secure and modern properties
Rent: 2500 PLN/month to 9000 PLN/month (625 EUR to 2300 EUR)
Schools: German School, European School
Shops: Few
Commute to downtown: 30 minutes
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Many expats live in the district of Wilanów because of the proximity to international schools like the German School and the European School. Similar to Mokotów, Wilanów is a residential district with a mixture of apartments and houses. Along with expats, many politicians and artists live here.

Places of interest include the Wilanów Palace, poster museum and a large driving range operated by Golf Parks Poland. It is a green area with landscapes and parks. Larger shopping malls are in the neighboring Mokotów district.
Wilanów Palace by Iwona Kellie

Wilanów house for rent
Expat families are attracted to the new property developments and secure residential parks of Wilanów. Luxury apartments close to the palace can go for 9000 PLN/month while modern yet smaller properties go for 2500 PLN/month (625 EUR).

Best for: downtown atmosphere, proximity to businesses, embassies, universities, tourist attractions, parks
Rent: 3500 PLN/month to 12000 PLN/month (875 EUR to 3000 EUR)
Schools: few English preschools, close to Lycée Français (high school)
Shops: Złote Tarasy Shopping Center (map, website)
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Photo by Neil Anderson
The heart of Warsaw is in the district of Śródmieście, the business and historical center of the city. It is a walkable district with an urban feel; properties are primarily apartments. The old town is popular among Warsaw visitors.

Small shops line Nowy Świat leading into the old town. With autumn approaching, shoppers can head inside to Złote Tarasy Shopping Center. Other shopping malls include Arkadia, Galeria Centrum and Traffic Club.
Śródmieście apartment for rent
Rents for apartments are above average here. The low range for rent is about 3500 PLN/month (875 EUR), while those in the best locations rent for  up to 12,000 PLN. On average, an ideally situated, downtown apartment costs 8000 to 9900 PLN/month (2000 EUR to 2500 EUR).

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