Aug 4, 2010

Top Picks: Bratislava Schools, Markets, Restaurants

Marcela Podmanicka, our manager in Bratislava, gives an introduction to her city. She explains where to find schools, restaurants and markets. If you're selecting a home in Bratislava, her suggestions and our accompanying map will help you narrow down your search.

Where do most expats live?
Usually singles prefer to live in districts 1 and 3, close to work. Families prefer to live in district 4 close to international schools and places offering some leisure activities

What is your favorite district? Why?
My favorite district is Bratislava 1. It's the city center with many shops, restaurants and pubs. There are many pedestrian zones, a new shopping center (Eurovea) with a promenade along the riverside.

What district are the schools in?
The four most popular international schools are the British International School, American QSI International School and Forel International School, found in district 4, and the French school, which is in district 3.

What districts are residential? What districts are urban?
Bratislava I  - castle hill and Bratislava 3 – Koliba hill are primarily residential districts; all other districts are both residential and urban.

Where do Slovaks go for a weekend park outing?
We like to go to visit castles, where are the places to relax, restaurants, and cultural programs in the summer.
The most visited are CervenĂ˝ kamen castle ( and Bojnice castle (
) where families can visit the zoo.
For longer, weekend trips we like to go to the Low Tatras ( and the High Tatras (

What are your favorite restaurants? What are the most popular expat-friendly restaurants?
Estremo Pasta & Caffe on Skultetyho street and  Rambla Restaurant on Michalska street.
I think all restaurants in the city center pedestrian zone are popular and expat-friendly.

What’s your preferred supermarket? 
There are many supermarkets and also some hypermarkets with parking in each district, so it depends on where one wants to go.  The biggest Tesco and the shopping center, Eurovea, are in District I. Supermarkets Billa and Tesco are in district 2. Shopping centers Polus and Hypernova are in district 3 and Aupark shopping center is in district 5.

What are the best outdoor food markets? 
The most popular and biggest is the open market at Mileticova street, and the biggest   indoor market is in Nova Trznica at Trnavske Myto.

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Bratislava Restaurants and Markets

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