Jun 29, 2010

Home Search Checklist

Houses and flats in Central and Eastern Europe may look very different from homes you are accustomed to in your native country. A quick browse of our listings will show that homes in Europe tend to be older and cozier than those in a country like the United States. How should you shift your considerations when moving here?
Visiting a few properties when you are looking to buy or rent will offer a nice glimpse into the local lifestyle. Comparing all properties can seem daunting, especially when you have children and pets to consider. Organizing your requirements, questions and expectations before a home search will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. The following steps will help you get started.

When visiting a property, stay neutral and avoid sharing personal information and opinions with the owner as this may reduce your chances of negotiation. It is generally recommended that you leave this aspect of the transaction to your real estate agent.

Before You Go
• Measure the furniture that you will bring to your new property in order to ensure that it will fit.
• Prepare a checklist and bring it with you. Make notes on each property you visit.
• Bring along someone who can offer an alternate opinion.
• Bring a tape measure to measure room dimensions.

• Visit during the day to gauge the natural light.
• Make sure there is adequate storage.
• Imagine yourself working in the kitchen. Do the layout and space meet your cooking and entertaining needs?
• Check that light switches are well situated.
• Don’t allow décor to affect your decision too much. Paint and carpeting can be changed.
• Check the water pressure and quality of the heating and electrical system. How is the property heated?
•Ask about utility bills.

• Look at the quality of the other properties in the neighborhood.
• Check that the transportation connections are adequate for your needs. Moving to Central Europe might mean adopting a car-free lifestyle.
• If you will have your car, ask about parking restrictions.
• Make sure the noise level is acceptable.
• Inquire about future plans for development in the area.
• Check that the paint and brickwork are in good condition.
• If you have an outdoor pet, check for holes in the fencing and size of the yard.
• If you have children, inquire about the nearby schools, parks or youth centers.
• Is the neighborhood safe for both your children and pets?

Additional Questions to Ask
• Why is the owner moving?
• Are there any disputes with the neighbors?

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