Sep 28, 2012

Moscow is the capital of luxury properties

According to a recent survey, Moscow is the world’s fourth most expensive city. In the capital of Russia, 12.000 Euro/month rental fee is far not uncommon for an apartment! There’s no upper limit, luxury feeling is really an essential part of Moscow. 

Luxury properties are not rare in capitals. Expats can find exclusive and special properties every part of the world, but in Moscow it is absolutely general. In the Russian capital, extremely high rental fees are far not uncommon for an apartment. The Hungarian Embassy in Moscow confirmed that this occupancy cost don’t belong to the category of overkill.

The capital of luxury lifestyle is the favorite home of many luxury fans like the famous Hungarian footballer, Dzsudzsák Balázs. He moved from Amsterdam to Moscow in 2011. After he spent a few months in hotels, he decided to buy an apartment. He thought to move to the same residential park, where the other players live from his football club. 

Read more about the main rules to have a Moscow like luxury property here.

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