Mar 27, 2012

Renting a property in Vienna

Looking for a home in a new country is never easy. The environment, the terms and laws are certainly different from the places we have lived in before. Although Vienna recently ranked as the best worldwide destination for an expat, moving to Austria’s capital can be time-consuming and tricky. At Home Network Real Estate Agency now collected some useful information what to expect as an expat in Vienna.

Vienna is definitely one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe. There are numerous enjoyable programmes and places to visit, typically a city that once you visit you want to live there. Here is some useful information for the first steps:

How to find a flat?
There are some countries where finding a property alone is a successful way to get a flat. Vienna is not like that. More than 95% of flats in Vienna are rented through real estate agents. Although 2 months rental fee are required to pay, we get a full service from the real estate agents: they not only find the most suitable properties for us, but provide all the necessary information on the different districts.

In Vienna most apartments are fully unfurnished. Furthermore, it’s not unusual to find them without furnished kitchen. If we don’t know how long we would like to stay in Vienna, it is advisable to look for ads with fully equipped kitchen.

Terms of leases
Long term rental periods are more often than short terms. Vienna is a city for those who have long term plans here. This is enforced by the unfurnished kitchen, 4 months commission fees (two for the real estate agency, two for the owner) and the 3 months deposit.

It is very important to note that Vienna real estate market is legally regulated: types of lease contact and commission is strictly determined by the government.

Those who are moving to Vienna will surely have a wonderful time here. To make the first steps easier, contact At Home Network Real Estate Agency to find the perfect home. What we provide:
• Accompanied home search including pick up from Hotel/Airport
• Management of renting contract based on corporate policy
• Advice on furniture rental / purchase and utilities
• Area orientation around selected property
• Handover to Transferee
• Contract renewal /Termination

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