Mar 9, 2011

Spectacular Views in CEE

The rivers, castles and stunning architecture make for fantastic views from apartments and houses in Central and Eastern Europe.As the weather warms and the returning sun brightens the panorama, the appeal of a view and a nice terrace to admire it from increases. In apprehension of Spring, At Home agents in our agencies across Central and Eastern Europe selected their favorite city views from our properties. Take a look, imagine yourself sitting on the terrace, enjoying the fresh air and watching bustling life go on below.

1) Prague: Look forward to blue skies and sun on one of the two terraces in this unique attic apartment. 

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2) Budapest: One of Key Account Manager Dávid Ábrahám's top picks for Budapest views, which he says "has everything, every bridge". He goes on to emphasize that "from the picture, it looks far away, but from the living room...". The striking view includes not just the greenery and houses of Buda but the Castle, bridges and most of flatter Pest. When you need to escape the sun, relax in the shaded garden and terrace.  

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3) Moscow: A beautiful view amidst the snow and bear trees. The cozy winter terrace seems fit for cuddling up and admiring the latest snowfall. As April comes, imagine basking in the bright sun on a crisp, spring day as you look out on the city.

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4) Warsaw: Sunset in Warsaw: View to the skyline, including the Palace of Culture and Science

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5) Bratislava: Great balconies and view of the Danube from this detached houses in a green location on Castle Hill

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