Nov 16, 2010

Word(s) of the Week: Energy Efficient Light Bulb

Word(s) of the week: energy efficient light bulb . At Home introduces vocabulary words that will help those shopping for homes or settling into Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow and Bratislava. This week's word accompanies our blog post on Living Green in Central Europe. Click here to see translations in Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Slovak.

English: energy efficient light bulb
       singular (1): úsporná žárovka                            
       plural (2+): úsporné žárovky

       singular (1): energiatakarékos izzó                              
       plural (2+): energiatakarékos izzók

       singular (1): świetlówka energooszczędna                        
       plural (2+): świetlówki energooszczędne

       singular (1): энергосберегающая лампочка / energosberegaushaya lampochka         
       plural (2+): энергосберегающие лампочки / energosberegaushie lampochki

       singular (1): úsporná žiarovka         
       plural (2+): úsporné žiarovky

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